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Welcome to the New Name Kit

Whether you are changing your name through marriage, divorce, civil partnership or Deed Poll, The New Name Kit helps you to update your personal records – fast.

Whatever the reason for your change of name, you will need to quickly notify all of the UK organisations and government departments that you deal with, so that your records can be updated to show your new name.

The New Name Kit helps you to get through this process quickly and easily.

Select from over 4000 UK organisations!

First it helps you to select the organisations you need to notify from our database of thousands, and tells you exactly what each of them needs from you. It includes forms to download or complete online, and it even writes your letters for you, all ready for you to print, sign and post.

Personalised  name change  letters ready to print, sign and send!

The New Name Kit saves hours of time and paperwork, and makes your name change stress-free!

Our service is fully supported by friendly online, email and telephone help.

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